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lundi 9 mars 2020

Improving Upstream Predictability

Better understanding and control of cell behavior is yielding benefits, upstream and beyond.
Mar 01, 2020
Volume 33, Issue 3, pg 12-14

In the earliest days of biotech, developers often struggled to sustain conditions that would optimize cell health and product yield. Today, better understanding of cells and how they interact with their environment has enabled improvements in most aspects of upstream processing, from bioreactor design and media development to process control, automation, and modeling.
Some of the most significant gains have been made in cell line expression, advanced sensors, and automation, says Atul Mohindra, R&D director for biomanufacturing at Lonza Pharma and Biotech. “Using automation, process analytical technologies (PAT), and advanced multivariate analysis has enabled the industry to control process performance and product quality more closely than ever before,” he adds.