Five ways machine learning will transform manufacturing in 2021

Technology advances, such as complex robotic systems and artificial intelligence (AI), transformed manufacturing over the past decade and driven what’s commonly called the Industry 4.0 Revolution. COVID-19 has further accelerated this transformation for many manufacturers as more plant operations need to be run effectively, and in many cases, be monitored and managed remotely. Machine learning (ML) — a branch of artificial intelligence centered around creating computer programs that learn from experience and improve their decision-making ability over time — is increasingly important in many industries, and manufacturing is no exception.

Cheaper sensors and data storage, as well as the maturation of big data technology, has allowed manufacturers to capture vast amounts of data, and ML allows enterprises to derive actionable intelligence from said data, enabling smarter equipment, improved quality and increased productivity. As enterprises continue to use machine learning (ML) as part of their everyday operations, here are five ways manufacturing is expected to develop in the year ahead...

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