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dimanche 24 novembre 2019

People: The Most Persistent Risk To Data Integrity

By Kip Wolf, Tunnell Consulting, @KipWolf
In modern times, the business operating model is commonly referred to by the three resources of “people, process, and technology.” Business intelligence (BI) activities also frequently refer to the triangulation of “people, process, and technology.” And the triad of “people, process, and technology” is touted by organization change management (CM) pundits and business process management (BPM) experts alike. It is said that these maxims stem from an article by Harold J. Leavitt, Applied organisational change in industry: Structural, technological and humanistic approaches, that first appeared individually and in textbooks in the mid-1960s. And these concepts were clearly incorporated into countless titles over the decades since, including many recent books.
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